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CBD versus CBDa for topical relief

Hello, I won’t take up too much of your time but just wanted to pop in and let you know a little bit more about how we use Circle Labs in my family.

You may know that Circle Labs makes some great products designed specifically for topical applications. What you may not know is based on our own experience and lots of feedback from customers, our Whole Flower CBDa Oil can be a huge relief when applied directly to distressed skin, sore muscles, or arthritic joints.

Our Balm and Pain Stick both use CBD – why would we do that? Well, the simple answer is that CBDa smells like fresh flower and when we were developing our topicals we found that most people don’t actually want to go around smelling like fresh CBDa flower. CBD is a well studied and powerful topical in its own right so there’s no downside in using it.

I am a lifelong skateboarder and not getting any younger so when I get home from riding I always massage some CBDa into my leg muscles and sore spots. I find it incredibly helpful for recovery and relief.

Another trick we have found in my family is when we find a spot on our skin that makes us go “hmmmm,” we reach for the CBDa then call our doctor to get it checked out. It has happened that by the time we get in to see the doctor it’s already gone. A great problem to have!

Please do tell us if you have found other ways to get relief using Circle Labs Whole Flower CBD/CBDa Oils and Whole Flower Topicals. We always love to hear about your experiences and insights!

Thank you for being part of the Circle,