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Circle Labs Launches Industry's First “True Spectrum” CBD and CBDa Oils

San Francisco, Ca., May 20, 2019 — Circle Labs, a Northern California producer of the highest-grade CBD and CBDa oils, today announced the introduction of the industry’s first “True Spectrum” hemp flower-based CBD and CBDa oils. True Spectrum ensures that the primary phytonutrients, flavonoids and antioxidants in the flower used for the company’s CBD oil remain consistent all the way through to the finished bottle and major components are traceable both before and after processing.

“As much of the CBD oil on the market claims to be “full spectrum” yet uses harsh extraction processes, spiking with CBD isolate or bottled terpenes in post-processing, we set out to create the most natural, nutrient rich and least processed oil available,” said Ron Mahabir, CEO and co-founder of Circle Labs.

Circle Labs utilizes the highest standards in plant genetics, regenerative and organic farming conditions, and cold-press processing to preserve the flower. By lab testing the flower for cannabinoids before any processing occurs and then comparing this to lab results after the hemp flower has been added to the company’s organic, extra-virgin olive oil base, an exact match can be made to substantiate that the beneficial compounds in single origin, single strain flowers are available to the consumer, naturally, with no added chemicals or adulterants.

“We are obsessive about keeping the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino and fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals as whole as possible,” said Adam Vurek, co-founder and head of production and innovation. “The vast majority of CBD out there has been heavily processed and often is spiked with CBD isolate to increase cannabinoid content. We preserve the natural composition of the flower in a smoke free, consistent delivery system and have found a way to demonstrate this through our True Spectrum testing.”

Available now in one-ounce bottles, Circle Labs offers both CBDa and CBD whole hemp flower tinctures, both with organic extra-virgin olive oil as a base. Both the CBDa and CBD tinctures retail for US$70.00 and are available at

About Circle Labs

Based in Marin County, California, Circle Labs is a craft producer of the highest-grade plant infusions with minimal processing and complete transparency in origin and manufacturing. We source select flowers from our Northern California and Oregonian farmer partners who utilize regenerative, organic and sustainable practices. More information can be found at