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Easing into Raw CBDa

One thing that is important to know and understand about any cannabinoid product (and especially infused CBDa products) is that although we know a lot about the constituents parts and are learning more every day, there is a lot that we just don’t have a comprehensive grasp on yet. When you see test results, it is important to consider the things that don’t show up on the report. With a raw infused CBDa like the one Circle Labs makes, there are flavonoids, esters, aldehydes and plenty other constituents in the final product that are just not going to show up on any test but that definitely does not mean they aren’t important. 

As long as a product is free of harmful contaminants, and we are consuming it with the supervision of a healthcare and/or dietary professional, we can take the time to try things out and let our body tell us if the product is valuable to our life and wellbeing or not. After all, our bodies are the most proficient and technically advanced analytical equipment on the planet. There are many examples of people taking two products that have very similar, if not exactly the same, test results but one seems to help more than the other. That is a perfect example of our body detecting something that the laboratory tests did not. N does equal 1.

We strongly recommend studying and communicating with various professionals before putting anything new in your body, and we also encourage safe experimentation and evaluation in your own personal context using the tools you have in your own body. 

Always check with your doctor before starting or changing any practices that may have an affect on your health, including but not limited to any and all herbal supplements or products.  

Wishing you all the best, 

The Circle Labs Team 

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