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How our small batch CBDa & CBD offers maximum bioavailability

One of the beautiful things about CBDa is that it walks a fine line between fat soluble and water soluble. CBD, on the other hand, is quite specifically fat soluble (lipophilic, fat loving or also called hydrophobic, water fearing). CBDa, although it is technically a fat, is naturally somewhat water soluble.

For example, if you steep a raw hemp flower in very hot water a significant amount of CBDa will migrate into the solution and stay in the water. If you heat that same hemp flower before you steep it, converting the CBDa to CBD then soak it in the same temperature water, any of the CBD that comes off the flower will form a lipid (fat) layer on the top of the water instead of actually dropping into solution.

Why is this important? 

Well, in the modern and ever-wild world of hemp and CBD, there are a lot of claims of water soluble CBD. This generally takes two forms: 1) the products are simply not at all water soluble and thus are not actually delivering CBD as advertised and 2) they have put the CBD through micronizing process, chopping the oil up to discourage surface tension; then they add an emulsifier (usually a food-grade soap of some sort) to further discourage surface tension and pooling. This technique ends up with a product that is usually referred to as “nano” CBD and promoted as the newest technology with the “most bioavailable.” 

Long story short, with ancient herbalist technology, Circle Labs is giving you an unadulterated, maximum bioavailability and maximum spectrum product. Why aren’t all the other giant producers doing it this way? Because our process requires extremely strict tolerances for the quality of the source material (hemp flower) and these giant producers just don’t have access to that grade of material. 

We work with small, dedicated farms that produce high quality product with care and intention. As a small company, we are able to process small batches with a close eye on every last flower that goes into the infusion. It takes a lot of attention and labor but as a wise person once said- “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” So, although we do spend a lot of time and effort making these products for you (and for ourselves), it is a labor of love and we are honored to provide the results to you and yours. 

Happy New Year!