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Thank you to our amazing farms!

As we wrap up another season, we want to take a moment to appreciate the two farms we work with, AlpenGro outside of Bend and East Fork Cultivars in Tahema (both in Oregon). These two farms touched our hearts when we first met them and have continually made us proud to work with their amazing flower. We definitely couldn’t do it without them. 

Hemp is a fairly new commercial crop in the US and we found a lot of great people getting into it, but many of them with little or no previous experience with the species, and even less that understood what we meant when we said that, “We need real flower, grown like it is the center of your world.” In our long and arduous search for people that really put their hearts into their work, these two farms stood out. We are not saying they’re the only ones. We are simply saying, our paths crossed and we knew these were the farms that checked all the boxes we had identified as critical to our vision. Things like care and concern for the end result from seed to bag, a deep understanding of how to evaluate the plants’ health (with both science and heart), and a real clincher – a commitment to letting the plants grow to full maturity and dry slow on the line. There’s a lot of talk about these things in flashy brochures and expensive advertising, but few that truly follow these principles when no one is watching. These two farms hold tight to their values and can walk proudly, with their heads held high, as the commercial hemp industry grows and shifts under our feet. 

Circle Labs unique processing techniques are only possible because these farms truly walk their talk and we want to say THANK YOU to the farms and of course, to all our customers and supporters that feel the benefits from what Circle Labs is humbly able to do with the fresh flowers that come from the soil and people behind the farms. 

Wishing everyone a warm and cozy last week of fall, and beginning of winter.