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The Truth About CBD: 6 Things That Most People Don't Know (And Need To)

1. Most hemp/CBD oil is “fake” (reconstituted) and is stripped of beneficial plant nutrients. If a product contains CBD isolate, this is a key indicator of “spiked” or low quality oil.

==> Circle Labs produces the highest quality oil with no isolates, or added concentrates of anything. The result is highly absorbable oil that you’ll feel instantly

2. Hemp is frequently grown in soil that contains pesticides and/or toxins from conventional farming methods. One way to reduce or eliminate these is to use intensive extraction and refining, but this also removes many beneficial compounds in the plant.

==> Circle Labs provides a Certificate Of Analysis (linked to below) that shows third party examination of the purity of the oil

3. Most companies selling you hemp/CBD oil cannot tell you exactly where the oil actually came from or under the conditions it was grown.

==> Circle Labs oil is grown on one farm in Oregon, with a single type of non-GMO seed. Unlike 99% of other oil you can smell the plant itself in the product.

4. CBD is not the only beneficial compound found in hemp oil. High quality CBD should contain other naturally-occurring cannabinoids (CBDa, CBG, THC), terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, and fatty acids.

==>When hemp oil is not completely pure and natural, you miss out on hundreds of powerful plant nutrients

5. High quality hemp oils are hugely beneficial, and companies that produce them can provide proof of third-party lab results as well as information about their farming and processing methods. This testing shows the exact chemical makeup of the oil and presence or absence of dangerous toxins.

6. Only the highest quality oils can show test results from both the start of the process (original flower) and final product (oil). These test results should be from a legitimate third-party lab and demonstrate the same flower “fingerprint” (composition) with no “spiking” of CBD isolate, terpenes or other additives.

Circle Labs has set the standard for the highest quality oils. If your oil cannot meet these criteria, you likely have a low quality product.

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“I love Circle Labs CBD Oil. The arthritis in my hands and back leaves me in a lot of pain. After a week, the pain has eased greatly. I am also sleeping much better, which has been so difficult for quite a long time.”  -Deb C. Louisville, Kentucky