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What is the difference between CBD extraction and Circle Labs CBDa infusions?

We like to think of it as a parallel to juice from concentrate versus fresh squeezed.

At Circle Labs we start with the best phytonutrient-rich CBDa flower available and we put that flower through an ancient process used by herbalists and healers for centuries to preserve the natural cornucopia of beneficial compounds present in the living plant. We start with the cleanest CBDa flower so that we can take everything from the flowers and carry that into our oil for the benefit of your health and wellness. When we say whole flower, we mean it. 

Most CBD on the market right now starts with a solvent extraction from biomass. When they say whole plant, they mean it. Literally the whole plant is chopped up and all that material is put into their extraction machines. The most common solvents used are anything from propane to CO2 but can be any combination of all sorts of other chemical solvents. If an extraction facility is responsible, there won’t be any of those chemicals left in the final product, but this is unfortunately not always the case. Even when a final CBD concentrate is completely devoid of any solvents, we find that the extraction process often leaves its mark on the spectrum and ratios of cannabinoids in the final product. This means that many of the compounds present in the original material are left behind or lost during various stages of the process, most notably in the steps for removing the contaminants that hitched a ride on the chopped whole plant and solvents. 

The reason we don’t see large scale processors doing herbal infusions the way Circle Labs does is mostly because of how good and clean the starting product must be in order to get a good, clean final product. 

As with making orange juice from concentrate that includes all the oranges that can’t go on the shelf at the market, biomass extraction is able to include all the rejects and poor quality hemp plants because their process involves many filtering and fractionating steps that “clean” the concentrate. By “cleaning” they mean removing everything outside of their target compounds, in this case CBD and sometimes CBC. These are great compounds but hemp flower has so much more to offer…

So, today we’d like you to consider getting your juice fresh from the farmer’s market and your CBDa from Circle Labs. 

We are honored to serve you the best, fresh from the flowers.